Music Industry: Top 8 Trends 2022

We all have one thing clear: music industry is changing. Music business is expanding in many ways and digital transformation is helping this process happen even faster.

Are you a music professional? Then it is important to be aware of the main trends around this area, so today we’re going to show you 2022 music industry trends.

Trends in Music Industry in 2022

Music’s future is marked by the digital era we live in, as we were able to see a couple of years ago due to the global pandemic.

Because of this, in 2021, we saw how artists moved all their projects to digital format. We saw album releases, concerts and new ways of changing the concept of music that we knew until now.

In 2022, not only artists are using strategies that were born from this situation, but they’re also making the most of them.

1. Concerts on Social Media

As we have explained, this trend was born from the pandemic. Many artists refused to cancel their concerts and, instead of doing them as usual, they took live music industry to Social Media.

Nevertheless, this strategy has been proven to be a very effective way of attracting new fans, as it gives users the opportunity to enjoy a good concert from the comfort of their sofa.

A good example of this is the livestream concert performed by Twenty One Pilots. This livestream was more than an hour long and their fans were able to enjoy their new album, and songs from the previous ones! So much so, this livestream reached more than 3.6 million simultaneous viewers.

Artists moved their concerts to Social Media

Even so, if you don’t feel ready to hold gigs on Social Media yet, you can always take a look at other customer conversion strategies that can help you progress within the music industry.

2. TikTok: the social network to make yourself known

TikTok is the new home of breakout artists and listeners know it.

Throughout 2022, user-generated content (UGC) is becoming a current trend in music industry, making it easier every day for artists to go viral on this platform thanks to a single song.

As we recently told on our Instagram, more than 80% of users discover new music on TikTok, so it’s a good place to start!

80% of users discover new music on TikTok

This fact is an advantage for new artists who are looking for ways to make money on TikTok and go viral to break into the music world.

3. Music genres crossovers

Music genres crossovers are being one of the most popular music trends in 2022.

For this reason, most well-known artists are studying how to create new music styles by mixing different ones.

Best example is the album “Motomami” by Rosalía, and specifically, her song “CUUUUuuuuuute”.

4. A music album is now a 360 experience

Thanks to tools offered by new technologies, what was used to be a music album is now a concept from start to finish.

Audience not only expects to hear new music, they expect to live an experience with their favorite artist.

To do this, many artists take advantage of streaming and marketing strategies to reach more audiences.

What’s more, advertising in the music industry is constant, from a Spotify pre-save of an album until that album is released to all listeners.

Here you can see how, in an original and fun way, Lil Nas X gives birth to his album in his presentation video. Yes, just as you read it, he literally gives birth! It’s not crazy?

Lil Nas X at his album release “Montero”

Thanks to this innovative marketing campaign, the American artist got half the world waiting for his album release “Montero”.

Fans are always eager to live an experience with their favorite artists, but they mostly do so when there’s something new like a release

In order to carry out this kind of promotional campaigns, we recommend you to organize and plan your music release in advance so that it will be more effective.

5. Movies and shows soundtracks

It is becoming more and more common to use music from artists through synchronization licenses for new shows and movies that are released on streaming platforms.

Surely, watching a Netflix movie or show, you have stopped for a second to think: “whose song is this one?” and, before you realized it, you were discovering a new artist.

Streaming platforms are a no-ending factory of audiovisual content, so it’s a good idea to know how sync licenses work to enter the music industry this way.

6. Revenue in the digital music industry

Because of everything we already told you, revenue within the digital music industry in 2022 has a growing trend.

For several years there has been a significant growth in digital music consumption and this is reflected in music businesses professionals income.

Thanks to streaming, revenue in music business are increasing

In this graph you can see how there has been an increase in relation to consumption of streaming music.

Infografía: El streaming, una segunda vida para la industria musical | Statista Más infografías en Statista

7. Artists independence

As you can imagine, everything we are telling you leads to more independence for the artist.

Thanks to platforms like Twitch that allow subscriptions and donations, creators are exploring new ways to monetize their content within the digital music industry.

We recommend you take a look at these useful streaming tips to make your music grow on different platforms.

8. More than just pressing “play”

With so many ways of entertainment at our disposal, it’s getting harder to focus on just one activity.

Many artists are studying this music industry trend to include it in their new music marketing strategies.

In brief, listeners are no longer satisfied with just listening to a song, now they expect something else after touching the “play” button.

Bad Bunny has adapted to this trend with his latest release “Un Verano Sin Ti”. In order to promote the album, he has created 360º videos of his new songs on YouTube. Remember to watch them on your smartphone!

As you can see, the music industry is expanding into the digital environment. It’s your time to launch yourself on the Internet and make your music reach everywhere!