YouTube Channel Management

How to manage my YouTube channel?

YouTube channel management request

YouTube channel management does not mean uploading videos, it goes far beyond that: it is about technical content management.

With our YouTube CMS we optimize the metadata of your channel, providing and linking the different assets of your works. Thus, through Content ID technology, all your videos will be protected because we can monetize, block or track UGC videos (generated by other users) that use any of your assets.

We detect all ownership conflicts of your content, analyze the existing infringements on your master (sound recording) and reach agreements so that these are removed and you get the percentage that corresponds to you. Our Copyright department identifies the type of conflict, determines the reasons for its occurrence and establishes its origin.

Once all the data has been compiled, we carry out a face-to-face contact with the different parties in conflict, after which we achieve that more than 90% of the claims we manage in Republic Network are withdrawn.

Our team of channel optimization experts is verified by the YouTube Certification Program, so in addition to keeping your channel in perfect condition, as YouTube partners, we take care of the necessary steps to get your Official Artist Channel.

What about you? Are you still not taking care of your YouTube channel as it deserves?