Republic Network will join forces with the Alira Music label on “De tres”, the new official song for the 2022-23 ACB season.

“Here it all begins”. This is the slogan that surrounded the presentation held yesterday, September 22, for the start of the 2022-23 season of the ACB (Basketball Clubs Association).

At the opening gala of this new basketball season, in addition to enjoying with the host and comedian Sara Escudero and the guests, the artist Cristian Tekila presented “De tres”, the official song of the Endesa Basketball League, which will also serve as the theme song for all ACB competitions.

Cover of the ACB song “De Tres”, by Cristian Tekila

“De tres” is a song that has been produced under the record label Alira Music’s umbrella, who has relied on Republic Network services for the distribution and technical administration of the official music video that accompanies the song.

Cristian Tekila’s voice and the catchy rhythms that surround it -including sounds that easily takes us to a basketball court- are intended to motivate and drive players to success, almost becoming an “auditory and motivational training”.

If you want to listen to this song and learn the steps of what will be the new challenge in TikTok, here is the official music video!

In short, this season 2022-2023 we expect some very exciting basketball games in the Spain stadiums where Cristian Tekila, Alira Music and Republic Network will not stop shooting “De tres”.