Do you want to boost your artists' careers?

At Republic Network we provide technological solutions to the music industry. Our YouTube Multi-channel Network is classified with the highest rank given by the platform. We have our own CMS and Content ID technology to monetize, block and track videos without limit. This, coupled with our team with official YouTube certifications and experience in resolving ownership conflicts, makes our CPM higher than the competition, resulting in higher monetization.


How Republic Network helps record labels: 


  • Conflict-free YouTube channel management and increased revenue and fees, such as YouTube Ad Revenue, CPM and RPM. Official Artist Channel acquisition.
  • Worldwide publishing service: we register your artists’ catalog with the major Collective Management Organizations. We manage and claim performance, mechanical, synchronization, lyrics and cover song royalties.
  • Publishing service for YouTube: composition royalty claims thanks to our YouTube Publishing CMS.
  • Synchronization of music on TV, movies, advertising, video games and other audiovisual media.
  • Distribution service: catalog available on all streaming platforms. 
  • Google Ads video campaigns for YouTube.

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