Publishing on YouTube

Publishing on YouTube service

We claim all publishing royalties generated in the YouTube ecosystem in the United States and its associated states.

We do this through our YouTube Publishing CMS, providing and associating your Composition Share assets so no royalties are lost along the way, even retroactive ones.

Our partnership with YouTube and the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) enables us to collect unallocated royalties that were waiting to be paid.

Furthermore, we have the technology to track down the ISRC and ISWC codes of works with missing metadata on YouTube.

All these factors, together with the reciprocity between Republic Network, the different Collecting Societies and YouTube, mean that we have full control of the publishing royalty collection process on Google’s video platform.

A Composition Share asset is a set of information that represents a rightsholder’s ownership of a musical composition on YouTube. It is made up of :

  • Metadata: composers’ names and identification codes.
  • Territories where composition is claimed.
  • Sound recording where the composition is claimed.

We provide Composition Share assets so that YouTube can display ads on videos, once all music composition owners indicate that they want to monetize their share of said composition.

You are just one click away from protecting your property on YouTube, are you in?

Relevant FAQs

We work with content creators as well as record labels, distributors and independent artists. Our technology can be leveraged by any person or business within the music and entertainment industry.

If you have doubts about whether you would fit with us, you can contact us by using this form.

No, but depending on what royalties you want us to collect, it is recommended that you do so. We can mediate your affiliation with a PRO if necessary. 

For more information, please contact us at

Yes. As of January 2021, we are working with the nonprofit organization Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), which manages general mechanical licenses for qualifying interactive audio download and streaming services (digital service providers [DSPs]) in the United States.

Retroactive royalties are unallocated royalties that are waiting to be paid to the copyright owners. This happens when songs are not properly registered or the songwriter’s contact information is not available.

These royalties generally remain with the collecting society for a period of time, which varies by society, until they enter the black box.

We have an agreement directly with YouTube and the National Publishers’ Association (NMPA) to collect accumulated YouTube royalties from the musical compositions we manage

Yes, we can submit the works you assign to us and collect the songwriting royalties that you wish and that are associated with the indicated service.

To learn more about our services, click on this link.

Yes, Republic Network can manage your YouTube channel. Usually the contracts with record labels are for distribution and affect YouTube assets, in particular the sound recording assets.

From our Multi-Channel Network we can manage the songwriting assets associated with the publishing and video assets, since they are independent from the sound recording assets.

Yes, working with us will be of great help to you. We have a specialized conflict resolution team with strong connections to the music and entertainment industry, which allows us to address any type of ownership conflict.

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