Music Publishing

Music Publishing Service

Republic Network’s music publishing service protects the performance of your works and guarantees the collection of profits derived from the use of your compositions.

Republic Network operates alongside several International Performing Rights, Collective Management and Mechanical Rights Organizations.

Therefore, we ensure that we collect all types of publishing royalties due to you.

And what are the publishing royalties?

When we talk about royalties derived from publishing, we refer to:

  • Performance royalties: generated when a musical piece is broadcast or performed in a public environment.

  • Mechanical royalties: originated when a composition is captured in physical format, downloaded from a digital store or streamed.

  • Synchronization royalties: generated when copyrighted music is included in an audiovisual product.

  • Music printing royalties: created through the printing of music sheets or lyrics.

At Republic Network we take care of our clients’ copyrights in the legislative, regulatory and litigation sides, so you only have to worry about the creative process.

We also provide a YouTube publishing service through which we collect all publishing royalties generated on the video platform.

Complete this form if you want to contact our publishing team and protect the performance of your music pieces.

Relevant FAQs

A music publisher is a company that manages the copyright of musical works.

Yes, but only if you choose Republic Network as your worldwide publisher.

If you want us to be your publisher, please contact us.

The payment of your royalties is sent via bank transfer.

In addition, before receiving each payment we will send you complete reports about the royalties we have collected from your works.

Distribution royalties: three months after contracting.

YouTube royalties: one month after contracting.

Publishing royalties: depending on the PRO and MRO of each country.

Yes, we can submit the works you assign to us and collect the songwriting royalties that you wish and that are associated with the indicated service.

To learn more about our services, click on this link.

Yes, you can work with us specifically on royalties that are not being collected by the company you work with.

If you select one of Republic Network’s royalty collection services, you will only receive the remuneration collected from those royalties. This allows you to work other types of royalties and services with a third party company.

If you choose Republic Network as your global publisher, you agree to work all your material with us. We offer you the collection of all royalties from your works, litigation resolution services and multiple business opportunities. Want to know more about this? Contact us!

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