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Are you an artist?

Then from this moment on you will only have to worry about making music. Republic Network takes care of you to resolve all property conflicts that may arise while tracking all your royalties, providing you with a simple and easy-to-interpret report.

Do you have a label or publisher?

Stand out from your competition by offering your artists the possibility of resolving on their behalf any property conflict that may arise, tracking all their royalties and presenting them with a report that collects all this information in a simple and easily interpretable way. With the help of Republic Network you will be able to give your project added value.
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Do you create audiovisual content?

While you take care of creating content, Republic Network takes care of organizing and monetizing it. In addition, it also offers you the possibility of using a content library that will allow you to save yourself more than one copyright problem.

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Do you want to reach more people with your music?

Republic Network

We help all types of content creators to receive the full returns that correspond to them for their work.
Republic Network tracks, collects and manages the rights that its clients generate in the digital environment.


Dedicate yourself to creating without having to worry about anything else. Republic Network tracks all your unclaimed royalties for you and organizes your catalog so that you receive what you are owed for your creations.


Receive simple and detailed royalty reports that will help you make better strategic decisions about your career.


Benefit from our advanced software, which is in constant innovation and development. We offer you security, control and transparency to take your career to the next level.