Google Ads YouTube Campaigns

Want to reach more people with your music?

We have a team made up of officially certified Account Strategists to build up Google Ads YouTube Campaigns to promote your video. We create strategies based on data in order to increase the performance of your works and so your audience grows constantly. We segment audiences in a personalized way so you don’t miss a single view. We detect the optimal time for the campaign to impact your target thanks to our partnership with Google and YouTube.

Contact us for more information or request your Google Ads Youtube Campaign by filling out the following form.

Google Ads YouTube Campaign request

Before you fill the form, pay close attention to the requirements and instructions for promoting your video on YouTube with Google Ads and Republic Network.

Requirements and Instructions

The minimum investment per campaign is $300.

Payment is made in advance. The accepted methods are: Paypal, Revolut, bank transfer or Wise in case you need to pay in €.

The request for the campaign must be made at least 7 calendar days before the campaign launch day.

After a period of 24/48 hours (business days) you will receive an email approving or rejecting your request.

  • Republic Network reserves the right to accept the campaign request based on the volume of applications.

The campaign results will be provided at the end of it (24/48 h).

Google Guidelines

  1. Promotion of products or services hat cause damage, harm or injury (drugs and weapons).

  2. Products or services that facilitate fraudulent conducts.

  3. Inappropriate content that incites hatred, bigotry, racism or violence.
  1. Sexual Content: genitalia, visible female breasts, strip clubs, erotic chats, etc.

  2. The promotion of alcoholic beverages is subject to the legislation of each country.
    Restricted beverages: beer, wine, sake, high-alcohol beverages, etc.

  3. Political content: the promotion of parties and candidates or the defense of political issues must respect the laws local electoral elections in the area to which they are oriented.

See the Google Ads policies for more information.