If you’re a music producer and you want to take your music to another level, surely a question is going through your head: What is the best software to make beats?

So that you can choose the one that best suits your work, in this article we will tell you which are the programs that best suit your needs.

In addition, today there will be producers such as Kasem, Milo García, el dúo The Iconics, Gio and Mumbai Moon, who will tell you what they think of each one of them based on their experience.

What are softwares to make beats?

These types of applications are known as DAW, which stands for Digital Audio Workstation.

A Digital Audio Workstation is the technical name for digital softwares used for recording, mixing, editing, and mastering digital audio files.

Producers use these tools not only to create new instrumentals, but also to work on the process of creating and editing a song.

A DAW allows you to:

It should be highlighted that many producers continue to use analog tools to create their songs, such as synthesizers or the well-known grooveboxes.

However, most music producers use a music production digital application, or a hybrid of the two of them, to get the most out of their creations.

Best softwares to make beats

1. Logic Pro

Logic Pro is the application for creating new instrumentals developed by Apple and is currently among the best DAWs for music production.



Our mark: 3

2. Studio One

Studio One is the DAW created by the company PreSonus, which is dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and tools for music professionals.

For this reason, many people think that they can’t use Studio One without PreSonus products, but the truth is that it is an independent music production program.



Our mark: 3.5

3. Reason Studios

Although a few years ago it was one of the most used software by producers to make beats, currently it could be said that it is one of the least known programs.



Our mark: 4

4. FL Studio

This may be one of the best known tools for music production. This DAW is highly recommended for both experienced producers and people who want to get into music creation.

It may also sound familiar to you by the name Fruity Loops, but it ended up staying with the name we know it today.



Our mark: 4.5

5. Ableton Live

Ableton Live was one of the last programs for music production to hit the market. Still, it has achieved quite a bit of success in a short time thanks to its outstanding options for live performances.



Our mark: 5

How to choose a software to make beats?

We have already told you about the different programs out there and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Now we will give you the key criteria to select the Digital Audio Workstation that best suits your needs.

Operating system

It is important to consider the operating system compatible with each software, since it will only be available for some selected ones or they will work better in some of them than in others.

Your professional level

Depending on whether you’re just starting out or, on the contrary, you already have a good track record in the field of music production, you’ll be interested in using one program or another depending on its capabilities and the simplicity of its interface.

Live performances

As you may have seen, some DAWs are more specialized in performing live concerts than others.

If your strength is live performances, you’ll have to pay attention to this criterion when choosing a music production software.


This criterion is something to take in consideration, since by investing money in a program, we are investing in the future.

In other words, if you buy a software now that may be a little more expensive but will give you better performance over the years, it may be in your interest to invest a larger budget.

If, on the other hand, you just want to see if this is your thing, you may be interested in investing a little less money in a music production software and look up these tips for producing a track.

In summary, there is a wide variety from which to choose the software to create beats that best suits all your interests and needs.

However, it is always good to make a comparison and decide which is the one with which you are going to get the most out of your creativity.